About Us

We're the neighbourhood pub you'll leave your neighbourhood for!

We are a true Canadian pub with a focus on urban culture. Our pride is our tasty pub food, amazing drinks and most importantly…great people. Our service sets us a part and keeps you wanting to come back for more.

With a heritage that dates back to 1970, The Trop has evolved from its roots….into a local gathering place that is known to everyone. From all of our locals, to people who travel to find us, you’ll always find full glasses, smiling faces and heated discussions long into the night. Don’t be shy to squeeze in anytime!

With over a dozen TV’s and our 100 inch super screen you will always find the sports you’re looking for! Host to all, we are a favourite to cheer your team on the big screen or celebrate with your mates after a battle you’ve fought together!

On weekends, our Trop stage is host to local bands rocking it out to cover classics and a few of their own…get here early, the dance floor is always full.

So come on down, pull up a chair and raise a glass, The Trop is always waiting for you!!!

The Kitchen

Meet our Head Chef Shamir Bechara

“I’ve had an interest in food since I was a kid. I have fond memories of growing up in Venezuela climbing trees to pick mangos, guavas and papaya literally in my back yard.  Going to the beach eating fresh ceviche and having oysters and conque shucked by the divers who caught them. Going to our family’s ranch to feast on a pig they had slaughtered that week.The exposure to such a food-centric environment may have subconsciously influenced me to become a chef and the type of chef I like to be. Coming from a culture where you know where your food comes from, I like to build a relationship with the producers I work with and love to learn from them. Not having local access to a lot of the product I grew up with I rely on these producers for education on products that are native to Canada and I am always looking for new unique ingredients to work with.”

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Live Music

Without music, life would be a mistake.

For 45 years the Trop has entertained people in one fashion or another. In 2008 Brad Pilling brought music to the stage live every Friday and Saturday night. The Trop host Calgary’s best local acts covering favourites from the past and a few of their own originals….what we know for sure is you better be here early and you will dance until the lights come on!!!

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We've got the food, the drinks, the music..

all we're missing is you!

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